Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Justice for Somer-and all the other children

Somer Thompson was an adorable little girl and by all accounts, a sweetheart of a child. Taken from her family by some predator who should not be on the streets. This is becoming an all too common occurrence in our world and we need to do something to stop it. Here is a link to Somer's story if you aren't familiar with it. http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/10/23/crimesider/entry5414321.shtml

Before I go on with this, I need you to realize that when I speak of sex offenders, I don't mean over hormonal teenagers who got caught making bad choices with their girlfriends and end up on the registry because the girlfriends family pressed charges.

People who are considered serious sex offenders and sexual predators should not be out on the street. The law puts them there and as long as they don't live within a certain distance from a playground or a school, they can live their lives. If a predator is determined, do you really think a sign on a door on Halloween-No Candy Here-is going to stop them from preying on a child? Be real. If a predator is trolling for prey, he will troll until he finds what he is looking for.

I know the prison system is overcrowded. Let the white collar criminals out. I would much rather have a person who writes bad checks on the street than a child molester.

If you have children that you love in your life, be they kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, start urging your legislators to enact new, much tougher laws to protect our communities from the people who prey on our children.

I don't know who killed Somer, but I would be willing to bet that there is some sort of "preying on children" history. If laws had been tougher, little Christopher Barrios would still be with his family about to enjoy Halloween and Christmas, so would Jessica Lundsford-and these are just the few names that I can remember from this area.

Christopher is in the process of getting justice for his death. The Edenfield father has been sentenced to death. The son could be when his trial comes around. Mama Edenfield won't get the death penalty-she cut a deal and told what her husband and son did. I think she is far from blameless, but she will probably spend the rest of her life in prison. Here is a link to Christopher's story.

Jessica Lundsford has gotten justice, too. Her abductor and murderer died in prison (from cancer) while waiting on the death penalty. Here is the link to her story.

These are awful stories to read, but if it's what it takes to motivate you to contact your Congressman and Senator, then good. These children should be remembered in legislation that would put a halt to to others ending up like they have.

Please go online, to your states Sex Offender Reigstry and see who is living near your home and your child's school. The results are broken down by the crime in most states, so you will know if it's just a kid who made his girlfriends parents mad or somebody you should seriously watch out for.

Now, go hug your kids and tell them you love them.

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