Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A simple dream come true for me

A year or so ago, I saw a program on the Travel Channel about finding treasure. Not the Mel Fisher/Atochia kind of treasure, but different places you can go and dig your own emeralds in N. Carolina and things like that. One of the treasures featured were Lake Superior agates. I had never seen them before and instantly fell in love with them. A few days later I went looking online and found some. They were rather large, pricey and not suitable for jewelry making. They were beautifully colored, though and a prime example of Mother Nature's handiwork. Agates have always held a fascination for me for some reason. I guess it the gradiation of color, no two are ever the same kind of thing.

I could have treated myself to one, but I am getting tired of collecting things that gather dust. I have a lot of glass and crystal that I have collected over the years-some of it valuable, some of it sentimental and some of it I got just because it appealed to me. Since our son, future daughter in law and year old grandson came to live with us, my glass and crystal collection has been packed up. I would rather remove temptation from the baby than hear him constantly being told no. It also gave me a good reason to give it all a through cleaning and to pack it away.

A while back, I was wandering around feebay and came across a seller who had Lake Superior agates for sale. Again, the large collectable kind. Since I have gotten some color ideas from pictures of these agates, I signed up for the store newletter. Well, last week, in that newletter, was news of an auction for 3 pounds of small, polished,ously happy camper. They arrived today and I am glad I decided to bid on them. They are glorious. Some of them even have some druzy in them. I can't wait to work with them and see where my muse leads me. I'm a simple person (and sometimes simple minded), but little things like that just make my day.


Shpangle said...

I am also very fond of agates and would love to see them!


subeeds said...

I'm going to get some pics over the weekend. I'll be de-stashing some of them, too. There's no way I will ever be able to bead that many agates. LOL!

Liquidambar Studio said...

We saw that same show and ended up going to Hiddenite, NC and went panning. Came back with alot of great pieces. I haven't made anything with them yet, because I love the way they look in their natural state, but I will one day.