Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have a clean Christmas

Yep, it's another blog post about the Twelve Days of Christmas in July Sale going on at Artfire. This post is about all the handmade soaps, bath stuff and lotions for sale on Artfire.

Like anything else that is handmade, soap is extra special when it's handmade. You have a bar of great scented stuff that will get you clean without a lot of harsh chemicals that the mass produced stuff has. To make it even better, it's way prettier than the mass produced soap, too.

These aren't in any kind of order, just as I found them on Artfire using the search term "TODCIJ soap".

From the description and the picture, I think this Italian Orange Ginger Soap by would be divine.

Bonnie Bartley, aka soapsmith makes some really cool and unusual soap. Like this beautiful Ruby Rock soap. I would probably buy it, and love looking at it so much I would never use it. LOL!

If you need a great joke gift for a coworker or neighbor, this Lump Of Coal soap would be perfect.
This beautiful, soothing Lavender Soap comes from . I love the scent of lavender.

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YourTime said...

Mmmmm I love soap!! Thanks so much for including my lavender soap.