Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Photo Editing Software-Photo Pos Pro

I have spent some time looking at free photo editing programs that I have found online. I was looking for something simple and easy to use, besides Picasa, without the learning curve that the Photoshop programs seem to have. I have found a few programs that I like for different reasons and have decided to blog about them because I know I am not the only person looking for these. I am somewhat technically challenged so ease of use in any program is a priority for me. I am not a professional photographer. I consider myself to be an advanced hobbyist. I don't need a ton of bells, whistles and special effect stuff to do my editing.

The camera I have is a Pentax K-X. It's a great digital camera, but I am kind of new to the world of DSLR photography, so I have a lot of test pictures I have taken to get used to the camera and it gives me a lot of material to practice editing with.
The first program I am going to tell you about is Photo Pos Pro .  This program has a lot of hints and tips for editing and I like that. It's an easy program to get around, too.

I used the program to make a banner for my destash studio. I have never made a banner before though I have tried to make one several times. Using Photo Pos Pro, it was easy to do. It took me a couple of hours to create this. I'm happy with it-especially for a first try.

It is also a breeze to use for editing photos. This is one of the test pictures I took to see how the different colors would work with the camera settings I was using and how the lights I was trying in the light box were colored.

You just open the file in the program, go to Colors, and adjust. Cropping and other edits are just as easy to handle with this program.

Photo Pos Pro has a built in Help manual and Tutorials section included with the download. If you are looking for a fairly versatile free editing program, I recommend this one. I like it.

This is just the first of a few programs I have downloaded and will be reviewing. I am not an expert at editing photographs. I will be mostly be giving you my opinions on ease of use, what kinds of bells and whistles they have and what kind of plug ins, if any, are available. I'm hoping it will also help me make up my mind which ones I want to keep. I just can't decide.


Weaverbird said...

Hey there! Just wanted to thank you for this and the other photo-editing reviews! I've had them bookmarked, intending to check out the various editors one fine day. My hand was forced this week when my backup laptop (an XP machine with Paint Shop Pro 7 installed) died, leaving me without a photo editor. Yikes!

After reading your posts, I ended up DLing both Photo Pos Pro and Photoscape. I like them both but the former is the one I'll use most, since the look and feel is so much like my late, lamented PSP that there is very little in the way of learning curve. W00t!

Thanks again!

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