Friday, August 24, 2012

Herkimer Diamonds are the Featured Stone

Herkimer diamonds are rare double-terminated quartz crystals found in Herkimer, New York. They were discovered in the late 18th century by workman cutting into dolostone outcroppings in the Mohawk River Valley. More were discovered in Herkimer County and because of the clarity and beauty of the stones, they were named Herkimer Diamonds. They have 18 natural facets (6 sides) and two terminations (points).
The bedrock the crystals are formed in began forming billions of years ago in a shallow part of the Cambrian Sea that lapped against the southern part of what is now the Adirondack Mountains. The clarity of this quartz variety from other clear quartzes is a different ratio of carbon to silicon. Geologists think that Herkimer Diamonds formed very slowly in small cavities called vugs. They can also be found in larger cavities called pockets. They can be found clear, smokey or cloudy and can contain a variety of impurities. These impurities can include clusters, scepters, fluid inclusions, phantom and bridge crystals. A fluid inclusion contains a water pocket, plus methane or oil and sometimes even a rare crystal within the crystal. A phantom crystal contains an image of itself within.
Other places produce double-terminated clear crystals and sometimes they are sold as Herkimer Diamonds, but the only stones that can be truly called Herkimer Diamonds are the ones from Herkimer, New York. As with any other gemstone purchase, ask the seller any questions you may have about your purchase. They should be able to knowledgeably answer or be able to quickly find the answer.
It is believed that Herkimer Diamonds are very powerful stones. They are said to promote smooth energy flow, enhance creativity, dream recall, imagination and psychic abilities. They are considered to be energizing and enlivening. It is also believed that they help connect the astral plane with the Earth plane.

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