Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting the artfire train back on schedule

So I have been gone for a week, visiting my first grandchild. Of course, he is the cuteset baby in the world and I don't like being 7 hours away from him, so I see a move in the future. LOL!

So, while I was gone, the stops on the train were:
WooleyCreek-Tribal and Ethnic jewelry. Really beautiful jewelry. I love to promote other seed beaders work because seed beads often get overlooked in the overall scheme of things and each beader has his (yes, there are some really good male beaders out there) or her own style when it comes to those itty bitty beads.

Creative Cove Jewelry- working from her studio in the beautiful state of Alaska, Creative Cove makes wonderful jewelry. I love her color and stone combinations. They are super!!

So now, the schedule is all caught up. The stop tomorrow will be a regularly scheduled stop. Are you in for a great surprise.

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