Saturday, April 4, 2009

Artfire advertising train

Over on artfire, a seller named picardcreative, came up with a cool idea for an advertising train. What this means is that a bunch of shops have signed up to blog, twitter, plurk, Facebook and whatever else about the chosen shop,. Each shop gets 2 days of everybody on the train, blooging, etc., about them. I thought it was a neat idea-hey, free advertising is great advertising, so I signed up, too.

The first shop is -PixiePirateCrew. I love her stuff. Since I'm a first time grandma, these hats, / , appeal to me for the new grandson, as did these cute baby leg warmers. Don't get me wrong, she's got neat grown up stuff, too. This beret is neat and she has more, too. Click a link and visit her shop-you might find something you really need to have-especially if you live where it's still winter.

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