Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spotlight on Va Beach Quilter

The Spotlight studio this week is Va Beach Quilter. You can find her here.

Several relatives on my mom's side of the family were quilters, so I appreciate the art of quilting and it is an art. Kim's work is no exception to this statement. Not only does she have quilts, but a wonderful mix of quilted items from totes and backbacks to table runners and place mats. In fact, when I have the money, she's going to do a custom quilt for me.

I love the colors and style of these placemats.

As a reformed (trying to reform, anyhow) purse collector, I am in love with the selection of quilted purses she has in her studio. Loving the color blue and flowers, of course this is my favorite purse from her studio.

1 comment:

Sandra La Knitalian said...

LOVE the bag, I can see all my yarn in one :)