Monday, March 15, 2010

Is it April 5th yet?

It's the time of year when my thoughts turn to the opening day of baseball season. I am so jonesing for baseball that I even watched a Spring Trainging game yesterday between the Yankees and the Pirates. I figured that the Yankees would stomp the Pirates-turned out to be the other way around. YAY!!! I am soooooooooo not a Yankee fan-or a Mets fan either. I am a fan of whoever they play.

I am a Braves fan-a second generation Braves fan. My son is a 3rd generation fan and this season, I will be making sure my year old grandson is the 4th generation of Braves fans. This year will be a special year for the Braves-it's Bobby Cox and Chipper Jones last year with them. I can't imagine the Braves without Bobby-or Chipper, but mostly Bobby. He has been "the Braves" for as long as I can remember.

Both my parents were baseball fans, so I grew up with it. I remember being outside on summer days and if my dad was out working in the yard, the radio was on and it was baseball. I can still "hear" a home run better than I can see one on TV. Just something about the sound of that bat hitting that ball and you know it's going "outta there" or it will be so close to being out of the park that an outfielder will be going up on the mat to get it and have to stretch to catch it. I love seeing good plays made-even if it deprives my team of a run.

So, until the 5th, I guess I"ll be watching more Spring training games. It will help me through until opening day.

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Anonymous said...

I remember as a young lad, when my grandfather would take my brother and I to a Braves game when would visit in the summer. Warren Spahn Pitching, Eddie Matthews on first and Hank Aaron in the outfield. Of course we were at County Stadium in Milwaukee. GO BRAVES!