Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got organized-well almost

One of the things about making jewelry is the tendency to keep buying beads, gemstones and other things that your muse says you really, really need. All this buying and you need storage. Happily seed beads take up very little space-until you start accumulating pounds of them. I would guess that I have about 30 pounds of seed beads. Now remember, these beads are sold in grams, not pounds, so that's a lot of little tubes and boxes with seed beads in them. I have small amounts of beads, like 7 grams in a box up to 40 gram boxes. Now storage is also needed for patterns, catalogs, finished jewelry, photo props, looms, etc..

Over the next few days, I'll be posting pics of my new found organized studio/ground floor attic room and showing off my cool stash of beads and gemstones. I know I love looking at what other beaders have in their stash, so I figured I would show off my stash, too.

For starters here are photos of your basic rolling cart of drawers you can get at any Kmart/WalMart. I had to take the wheels off of mine-it was too heavy to roll and my husband mentioned that sitting flat on the floor would be better for the cart and it's durability since it had so much weight in it.
The other photo is of a sideboard we got at an auction. I repainted it an off white and trimmed it out in metallic copper. When our son hit the mid teenage years, he needed media storage, so this went into his room and my handy hubby built the top to go on it. It detaches for easier moving. Since my son has moved this in and out of a couple of apartments, it's gotten rather dinged up, but I haven't gotten around to re-doing it. The sideboard holds patterns, looms, catalogs and an assortment of other things like displays and photo props. I need to work on getting that more organized, but it will work this way for now.
for now, that's it. I'll post pics of what's inside the drawers tomorrow.

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