Friday, May 15, 2009

Showing off my beads and organization

So today's post will show you what is in the cabinet drawers and how nicely it is organized. Since I have a project on my bead tray, and one in my bead bag, I'm sure this organization will last as long as it takes me to complete those 2 projects

Agates, cabs and gemstone chips Size 15 seed beads Matsuno and Delicas

DynaMites Crystals and bi-cones


This is all you get to see for now. Stay tuned for more pics on Sunday if you want to see. Hard to believe I have more beads, but I do. Guess I'm addicted to the little things.

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Rustic Path Gardens said...

Nice to see another bead addict owning up to the obsession! Your containers of beads look so nice and neat...I need to do that with mine again too. :)