Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some thoughts and some things I have learned

1. The incredibly talented artists who have been slandered in the fraud blog are representative of what the blogger wanted to do, but couldn't. She is jealous of the talent they have and their creativity. I think that has a lot to do with why she "allegedly" bought their beads last year and"allegedly" resold them as "her" creations. She wanted credit for the beauty of the beads. I've always thought that to create beauty, beauty must be inside your heart or soul. It seems apparent that this blogger doesn't have that.

2. The amount of venom and spite that one person can spew out is amazing. I didn't think a human being could contain all that much hate and not explode. I can't stand being mad for 10 minutes, let alone carrying on a vendetta like this. That's carrying a lot of anger around for a very long time. Wonder how her health is? Bet that BP would register on the Richter scale.

3. I have realized that Etsy admin can be...responsive. When I reported the sock puppet purchase she made from me, I got an uncanned email from them. I was quite surprised. I'm used to that on Artfire, but not Etsy.

My mom always saw the best in people, no matter what kind of idiots they were. I have tried to do that through out my life also. It usually works, but not now. I despise bullies and that's all this is-cyber bullying, cyber stalking, whatever you want to call it. I call it cowardice. She knows she will never have the level of talent these people do, so she tries to harass and bully them. Well, guess what? Somme people can't be bullied. I know several people like that and I am one of them.

This blogger claims to be a Christian woman. She needs to remember that "pride goeth before a fall".


Anonymous said...

I just had a little flash...
thinking about the envy of true artists eating away at her talentless soul.

(Godwin's Law warning)

You know HITLER was a frustrated artist too! He went to art school but he just wasn't very good.
If only he had a little more talent, he would not have turned to politics.
If only the blogger could make beautiful things of her own, she wouldn't have time for all this destruction. It's sad to see a creative urge twisted into a destructive urge.

As awful as it is to be defamed by her, think of how much more awful it is to BE her. Think of living in that poisonous heart, day after day. I think she must hate herself even more than any of her victims do.

Peikkonen said...

I'm better at hating than Sue, so I also think she must be feeling really bad, though it might at this point be suffocated. She needs to be locked up though, or at least cut off from the internet. What she's (allegedly) doing, is hurting her victims and eating up their time. I hope they (you?) also remember to sue her for fraud, since that's what she's doing when she buys stuff with no intention to accept the delivery.