Friday, August 28, 2009

Ullja continues to slander

I am amazed that she has not run out of steam yet. She's starting to get a little crazier sounding, though and this is good. Just makes her reporting to the "authorities" all the more authentic. Saying that they are giving her case numbers-puhleeze!!!! The only case number she will get is hers.

On one of the "fraud' posts, she states, in huge, bold letters that "Tax laws do not accept ignorance". U, I sure hope you remember those words-you see, I know something you don't-and when you find out, I hope I am there to see you eat those words. Would you like me to bring some salt-you can add them to the words and to your wounds.?

BTW, everybody, check out Nope-it isn't her site. Somebody bought the name out from under her. . It's a fact filled site with links as to who the fraud really is. (Grab that mirror Ullja and you will see who I mean.)

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