Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bringing a few older posts with me

I am still on the agate beading kick. This purple one is on a double spiral chain made with SL clear and SL lavender size 15 seed beads, and size 11 purple and clear Miuki seed beads. the peyote bezel also has those beads in it.
I couldn’t decide on the earrings to compliment it, so I did a 2″ long double spiral and connected them with a 4mm crystal bicone to join the ends and made hoops.
I’ve listed them both on etsy and on artfire.

I made this agate slice necklace with beads from SeedBeadSue’s shop. It’s made from silve lined Burnt Orange Delicas, med. topaz and matte topaz, and light topaz Miyuki seed beads. The agate slice is set in a peyote bezel with topaz 15’s added to the above colors and the chain is a simple spiral. It’s a 22″ long chain, so it will just slip over your head.
I made some spiral earrings.

This is a Christmas present for my son’s GF. She loves green the way I love blue, so I’m hoping she likes it.
It’s peyote bezels around 3 malachite cabs hanging on a triple spiral chain made from assorted shades of green seed beads. It has a peyote toggle clasp, too.
I think my motto for a while might be “hooked on spirals works for me”. LOL!

If you want pics, you will have to go to . I forgot, with the new computer at work, some of my older pics aren't on the computer anymore. I'll get that fixed soon.

Keeping occupied

I've got so many things to do today regarding business, but can't seem to focus on anything except one thing-the grandson might be born today. got a call just before I left for work that my son and his girlfriend were headed to the hospital. She has been admitted, but they aren't sure if it's real labor or false labor. He's a month early if he does arrive today and that worries me.

I'm working an 11 hour shift today and I have a feeling that 11 hours is going to seem like 11 days. I'll spend part of it adding links and things to my blog list-and an etsy mini. Got business cards I designed to print up too.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artfire and Rapid Cart

I've been selling on artfire a couple of months now. I think this site is fantastic!! Even though it's still in beta, the changes they are adding to this site are super!!! Most recently, they have created and added a feature called Rapid Cart. There are a few options for adding it to your blog or social networking site. I chose an option that shows 4 pictures of my jewelry, randomly, to each person to visit my blog. I think that's cool. Now, I just need to get epople here. LOL!

I need to re-route my wordpress blog people here, but I think that will be dealt with another day. I have new jewelry to post on artfire and etsy.

I have decided to move back to blogger. You can add so many more things to your blog here than you can on wordpress-like Rapid Cart. LOL!