Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Craftbabyhope is the featured studio this week

from the Artfire Less Than (10) Sales guild. You can find this talented studio here Jennifer, from Tuscon, Az. is the creator of the wonderful goodies in this shop. Not only does she create wire jewelry, she also works in polymer clay. Here are a coupleof examples of her work. After you see those, I know you will want to click her studio link to go see her creations for yourself.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This weeks featured AF studio is

href=""> Trish, the creator behind swirljewels hails from down under, in South Austrailia. Her work is unique and beautiful. She has some wonderful jewelry for both women and men. I know it's kind of hard to find handmade jewelry for a guy.

I'm going to show you a couple of pieces that I really like from her studio, then you can click on the link and go see for yourself. Remember, Mothers Day and Fathers Day will be here before you know it.


A simple dream come true for me

A year or so ago, I saw a program on the Travel Channel about finding treasure. Not the Mel Fisher/Atochia kind of treasure, but different places you can go and dig your own emeralds in N. Carolina and things like that. One of the treasures featured were Lake Superior agates. I had never seen them before and instantly fell in love with them. A few days later I went looking online and found some. They were rather large, pricey and not suitable for jewelry making. They were beautifully colored, though and a prime example of Mother Nature's handiwork. Agates have always held a fascination for me for some reason. I guess it the gradiation of color, no two are ever the same kind of thing.

I could have treated myself to one, but I am getting tired of collecting things that gather dust. I have a lot of glass and crystal that I have collected over the years-some of it valuable, some of it sentimental and some of it I got just because it appealed to me. Since our son, future daughter in law and year old grandson came to live with us, my glass and crystal collection has been packed up. I would rather remove temptation from the baby than hear him constantly being told no. It also gave me a good reason to give it all a through cleaning and to pack it away.

A while back, I was wandering around feebay and came across a seller who had Lake Superior agates for sale. Again, the large collectable kind. Since I have gotten some color ideas from pictures of these agates, I signed up for the store newletter. Well, last week, in that newletter, was news of an auction for 3 pounds of small, polished,ously happy camper. They arrived today and I am glad I decided to bid on them. They are glorious. Some of them even have some druzy in them. I can't wait to work with them and see where my muse leads me. I'm a simple person (and sometimes simple minded), but little things like that just make my day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BoutiqueKarma is this weeks featured studio

You can find this unique studio by clicking this link . This shop has handmade coffee sleeves for those early morning to go cups of coffee. It also has mug huggers that fit around your coffee or tea mug. It has a layer of thermolan batting between the fabric layers to help keep your beverage warmer longer. both the sleeves and the mug warmers come in a variety of beautiful fabric.
There are also herbal eye pillows for those times that headache makes you have to lay down and mellow out for a while. They have lentils and flaxseed and can be used dold or hot.
The cutest and most unique thing that I think is in this studio is the Bobo Pack. It's for when the little ones take a tumble and get an owie that needs ice applied to it. It also has a bit of lavender scent to help them calm down after their tumble. It also comes in a variety of adorable fabrics.
So here are a couple of pictures, then you go see this studio for yourself. The first is the Bobo Pack and the next one and Eye Pillow.
By the way, check out our guild blog link on the left and see what we are giving away.

Monday, April 5, 2010

This weeks featured guild studio

is jYOUlry a studio that makes personalized photo jewelry pieces. They are so cool!! I just might have to get something that has my adorable little grandsons picture on it. This would be a great idea for mom or grandma. You could do a charm bracelet with all the kids or grandkids-or one that showed a child growing up over the years. You are limited only by your imagination.Besides that, there is a clearance coupon you can use for some of her jewelry.
jYOUlry was started by a work at home mom, Lisa, who had to close her firm when her family relocated to Panama. She still needed to create and she wanted to creat something unique and affordable in this economy. It didn't take to long for her line of custom designed photo jewelry to come into being.
So, with Mothers Day drawing close, check out her shop and I bet you will find a cool gift.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Madmoravian is the featured studio this week

Madmoravian is the shopswithlessthan(10)sales guild's featured studio this week. It's a cool studio with everything from chainmaille to woodworking pieces to stained glass.
Scott has been working with wood for about 20 years and his experince shows in his attention to detail. Here's a picture of one of his beautiful wood bottle stoppers. He also makes really cool wood pens, to, but you have to click the shop link to see those.

One of the things that I think is the coolest and most unique in his shop is this chainmaille hat band for a cowboy hat. since Scott is from Texas, it makes perfect sense to me that he would create something like that.

There is a lot of cool chanimaille jewelry for guys in Scott's studio, so if that special guy in your life has a birthday or something coming up, you should really stop by this studio. Besides, Scott has a special sale going on whild he is the featured studio. If you use the coupon code GUILDFEATURED, you will get 20% off your purchase. So, what are you waiting for?