Friday, August 28, 2009

Ullja continues to slander

I am amazed that she has not run out of steam yet. She's starting to get a little crazier sounding, though and this is good. Just makes her reporting to the "authorities" all the more authentic. Saying that they are giving her case numbers-puhleeze!!!! The only case number she will get is hers.

On one of the "fraud' posts, she states, in huge, bold letters that "Tax laws do not accept ignorance". U, I sure hope you remember those words-you see, I know something you don't-and when you find out, I hope I am there to see you eat those words. Would you like me to bring some salt-you can add them to the words and to your wounds.?

BTW, everybody, check out Nope-it isn't her site. Somebody bought the name out from under her. . It's a fact filled site with links as to who the fraud really is. (Grab that mirror Ullja and you will see who I mean.)

Today's Crazy Train Rider is....

JewelrybySandy. Beautiful jewelry it is, too.

I love this piece.

This ring is really cool, too. For some reason, blogger doesn't want to co-operate and let me load that pic, so just click the link to her shop and you can find it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artfire kiosk now on Facebook

This is so cool. Artfire has created a Facebook app for the verified members, that will put your studio on your FB page-either your personal one or your business page. It works a lot like the Rapid Cart feature -click, fill in info, pay and you have purchased from an artifre shop.

I was amazed at how easy it was to install, too. I'm mostly all thumbs when it comes to techno stuff like that, but the instructions for adding it were amazingly simple. It might have taken me 10 minutes to put it on both pages. I love this new feature.

Add something to your Artfire studio and it automatically updates to your kiosk on FB. Here's the Help Guide link. If you are a verified seller on Artfire, you should use this. The kiosk link is in a tab, so it's not like it you are spamming friends and family with your work. That's one of the things that really appeals to me about it.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Freindship is one of those words that means something different for each individual. The following story illustrates what it means to me.

Recently a group of people I am friends with had a serious falling out with a friend I will call friend B. Things were said and written that were taken the wrong way and it turned into a first rate disaster. The whole thing made me incredibly sad because I liked all who were involved. Then, even more unkind things were said. I didn't really say anything, because I figured it would die out. It didn't. I found myself distancing myself from the group telling myself I had other things on my plate, but when I looked at the truth of the matter, I realized that I didn't like what they were saying. It wasn't right-pure and simple. I usually have the ability to see both sides of an issue which can sometimes really complicate my life when situations like this arise. I was still friends with people in this group of friends and I was still friends with B.

Then, something wonderful happened for B. As soon as I heard it, I was grinning from ear to ear and couldn't wait to congratulate her. I was so happy for her. Other people weren't and again, there were unkind things said. I spoke up, saying basically that I thought it was great. I'm sure that did not earn me many brownie points, but I had to say it. After saying that, I withdrew a little more. A few days later, a friend in the group, friend A, made it known that she was very sad and down over what had happened. Now A has had, what to me, is a rough year and is a person with a very kind heart. I had no doubt that she was indeed, feeling awful about what had occured. It made me feel bad for her because she is a friend, too. She and B had been very close. I hated the fact that 2 friends of mine were no longer friends. After giving it careful thought, the next time B and I were in contact, I let her know in a roundabout way, that A was sad over the broken friendship. She seemed kind of surprised, but after we talked a little more, she said that , she would be open to seeing what could be done to patch up the friendship. That made me happy. B also told me that she was going to do something so that some of the friends in the group would not feel caught in the middle of this problem. and she did it. It wasn't unkind or anything, but again, within the group there was a lot of dissention over what B had done. That was kind of like the final straw to me. I told B I was going to stand up and speak my piece. She told me I didn't need to defend her, but she also knew that she couldn't change my mind about it. She knows me pretty well. So I spoke my piece, again saying why B had taken the action she did. I was tired of all the crap being said and didn't care.

The group felt that I was "telling tales out of school" and in a way, I suppose I was. I lost many friends in the group. Was it worth it? Yes it was. A and B are talking and working on repairing their friendship. I am still friends with both of them and dear friends they both are, too. Do I miss what I lost by doing this? I do, but knowing that my friends are working on the friendship they nearly lost forever helps fill the void of what I lost by intervening. I know they will be there for me while my personal life unravels like badly made twine. That's what my idea of friendship is.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Selling for a cause

Today's post is going to be about people who are making things to donate to the AGLF. That's the legal fund that is being set up to fight the slander that someone has been blogging about on the internet. I will also post links to those who have been wrongly accused of fraud by this very same blog.
I have a Copper Seed Bead Choker I made that will go to the fund when it sells.Yes, those are real copper seed beads.

Now, on to the links of other goodies for sale for the fund.
First on the list is Gothic Glass on artfire.
Here is a smashable blogger which can be found in munkinartsshop on etsy I've been informed that this has sold already.
HiloBeads on etsy has some Job's Tears
Valentine Photograhpy on etsy has a beautiful print for sale for the fund.

Bad Moon Beads on etsy has this beautiful Pandora style egg Bead
Another beautiful lampwork bead is from Tracidawn on etsy for the fund
This Chintz Heart bead by Aricketts on etsy is really neat.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some thoughts and some things I have learned

1. The incredibly talented artists who have been slandered in the fraud blog are representative of what the blogger wanted to do, but couldn't. She is jealous of the talent they have and their creativity. I think that has a lot to do with why she "allegedly" bought their beads last year and"allegedly" resold them as "her" creations. She wanted credit for the beauty of the beads. I've always thought that to create beauty, beauty must be inside your heart or soul. It seems apparent that this blogger doesn't have that.

2. The amount of venom and spite that one person can spew out is amazing. I didn't think a human being could contain all that much hate and not explode. I can't stand being mad for 10 minutes, let alone carrying on a vendetta like this. That's carrying a lot of anger around for a very long time. Wonder how her health is? Bet that BP would register on the Richter scale.

3. I have realized that Etsy admin can be...responsive. When I reported the sock puppet purchase she made from me, I got an uncanned email from them. I was quite surprised. I'm used to that on Artfire, but not Etsy.

My mom always saw the best in people, no matter what kind of idiots they were. I have tried to do that through out my life also. It usually works, but not now. I despise bullies and that's all this is-cyber bullying, cyber stalking, whatever you want to call it. I call it cowardice. She knows she will never have the level of talent these people do, so she tries to harass and bully them. Well, guess what? Somme people can't be bullied. I know several people like that and I am one of them.

This blogger claims to be a Christian woman. She needs to remember that "pride goeth before a fall".

The artfire crazy train rider is...........

Colt Pixie This shop has some really cool polymer clay creations-jewelry and key chains to name a few. Now, do you remember how this works? I show you a couple of pictures of my favorties, then you click on the shop link and go visit.

Time is flying

I remember when I was little and anxious for my birthday to arrive, my mom told me that as I got older, time would fly by quickly. She had that right. I can't believe how fast time goes by now.

Several posts ago, I blogged about why buying handmade is important. One of the things that has always made it important to me is the uniqueness of the gifts you can get.

Artfire has a great selection of unique gifts . They have jewelry, wedding items, baby items and much more, so drop in on artfire and check out all the cool studios they have there.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Artfire Crazy train riders.....

have been removed from my blog. The side links I had to the studios, that is. If you want to see the studios, the posts are still here. I will still be tweeting about them and other social networking things. I have taken the side links off my blog because I don't want them to become targets of the wacko that is currently stalking and harrassing online sellers. She knows full well who I am and the disgust I have for her. Since she is scared of me, she would not think twice about going after these innocent sellers. I have been quite vocal against her in different forums where she lurks, and reads and spies. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of some sort of "Chester the Molester", hiding and lurking in the bushes for the next victim. It's ok, though, my friend Karma is watching and lurking too. I would bet all my beads that Karma is gonna win this one.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Karma Story

One upon a time, a Mom, Dad and Dear Son lived in a little house in the woods. They were very happy there. There were huge trees to climb and animals to watch. DS loved school and did very well there. He couldn't wait to get ready for school in the mornings. Life was good.

Then, something changed. DS would wake up in the middle of the night, screaming with night terrors. Mom and Dad would nearly run over each other running down the hall to his room. DS was not awake while he was screaming and then, would fall back onto his pillow, sound asleep and have no memory of it the next morning. Mom and Dad were very concerned. They talked to DS trying to figure out if something terrible had happened. Not according to him. Mom talked to his teacher and to his principal at school. They knew of nothing that could be causing the problem. The night terrors faded, but the little boy who loved to get up in the morning and go to school was gone. In his place was a boy who almost had to be pulled out of bed and forced into his clothes.

Summer vacation arrived and with school out, all seemed to return to normal. It was a fun summer.

School began again, 2nd grade, and even though the mornings were not as bad as they had been, it was still a struggle getting DS ready in the mornings. One morning, as Mom and DS were waiting on the front porch for the school bus to arrive, DS remarked "Ms. BusDriver is threatening to put kids off the school bus again, Mom". Mom explained that she just could not put kids off the bus, there was a procedure she had to follow. "Well", said DS," she did last year". "You mean she put kids off the bus someplace besides school"?, asked Mom. DS replied, "Yes, she put me and LN off the bus at the River Run subdivision. Then she went back and got those kids and came back and got us. She told us that if we told our parents, we would be in even bigger trouble. LN and I were scared. There were rats by the dumpsters where she put us out". The school bus appreared at that time. Mom walked DS to the bus and as he was going up the steps, looked over his head at the bus driver and told DS "If you have any problems on the bus, you call me when you get to school". If looks could kill, the bus driver would have fallen out of her seat as soon as the door opened. Mom went into the house and made several phone calls. She wanted the bus driver criminally charged by the school board, but she just got her transferred to another route with high school kids who weren't so easily bullied. Mom wasn't happy, but she settled for that.

So the seasons moved on and Spring arrived. Along with the flowers and birds that arrived, Karma arrived, too.
A few miles north of where the family lived, was a little village, with a small post office. That spring, the post office planted flowers. Somebody stole the flowers. They re-planted the flowers, the thief re-stole them. The third time the flowers got re-planted, sheriff's deputies staked out the post office. The thief came back a third time and got caught. It was Ms. Bully BusDriver. Because a post office is considered federal property, Ms. Bully BusDriver served every second of every minute of every hour of every day of her three year prison sentence.

So now, whenever somebody like Ms. Bully BusDriver shows up in the Mom's life, she thinks of this story-and smiles. She knows that Karma is real and that Karma will get all Ms. Bully BusDrivers out there. If yo have a Ms. Bully BusDriver in your life, think of this story-and smile because Karma is just waiting.