Thursday, August 13, 2009

Selling for a cause

Today's post is going to be about people who are making things to donate to the AGLF. That's the legal fund that is being set up to fight the slander that someone has been blogging about on the internet. I will also post links to those who have been wrongly accused of fraud by this very same blog.
I have a Copper Seed Bead Choker I made that will go to the fund when it sells.Yes, those are real copper seed beads.

Now, on to the links of other goodies for sale for the fund.
First on the list is Gothic Glass on artfire.
Here is a smashable blogger which can be found in munkinartsshop on etsy I've been informed that this has sold already.
HiloBeads on etsy has some Job's Tears
Valentine Photograhpy on etsy has a beautiful print for sale for the fund.

Bad Moon Beads on etsy has this beautiful Pandora style egg Bead
Another beautiful lampwork bead is from Tracidawn on etsy for the fund
This Chintz Heart bead by Aricketts on etsy is really neat.

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