Thursday, February 26, 2009

Artfire and Rapid Cart

I've been selling on artfire a couple of months now. I think this site is fantastic!! Even though it's still in beta, the changes they are adding to this site are super!!! Most recently, they have created and added a feature called Rapid Cart. There are a few options for adding it to your blog or social networking site. I chose an option that shows 4 pictures of my jewelry, randomly, to each person to visit my blog. I think that's cool. Now, I just need to get epople here. LOL!

I need to re-route my wordpress blog people here, but I think that will be dealt with another day. I have new jewelry to post on artfire and etsy.

I have decided to move back to blogger. You can add so many more things to your blog here than you can on wordpress-like Rapid Cart. LOL!

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