Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Artfire is on a roll

Artfire is on such a super roll these days. They have rolled out the new fusion studios. Tey are so cool!!! Verified members get to choose color templates, widgets and all kind of neat things. I love the look of my new studio. There are still some things I want to work on, but I will get there with it. Artfire makes it really easy.

They are also going to be rolling out a new front page look in the next couple of weeks. That's going to be cool, too.
ArtDaly, the artfire news letter has this to say about a couple of things:
$12.oo rate locked in!!!
After much discussion and planning, we’ve decided to lock in our current US $12.00 subscription rate. This means that all members currently signed up at the US $12.00/month rate and all new members will be locked in at this price for life! Our US $12.00 members will never have to pay more than what they are paying now. By being locked in, you’ll never have to worry about the price changing as long as you hold your ArtFire account. Even if the monthly subscription rises at some time in the future, you’ll still be locked in at US $12.00.

The Return of the Free Ride
That’s right, our Free Ride promotion is returning! Some of the rules may be changing, but members will once again have the opportunity to receive a free for life verified account on ArtFire by referring their friends to join as verified members. By referring 12 of your friends to sign up at our locked in US $12.00 rate, not only will you get a free ride, but you’ll also get to pick a friend who will get a free ride too! This friend can be anyone you want; it’s completely up to you. This way you can help out a friend of yours on ArtFire while receiving a free verified account yourself! Official rules will be posted later, but for now, keep an eye open for the free ride program launching later this week!

So, if you don't want to pay listing fees, selling fee's and other misc. fees, check out artfire where there is only one monthly fee.

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