Monday, July 27, 2009

On my soapbox

Once again I have have stepped up on my soapbox. Once again it's the same person who had put me here. In case you don't want to go back to those pages, I'll tell you a story. If you do want to go back, here's the link

Once upon a time, there was a seller/buyer who was "alledgedly" buying beads from other lampwork artitst and "alledgedly" selling them as beads she had made. I kind of figured that since several dozen lampworkers from around the universe were suddenly saying "hey, I made those. I sold them to so and so" and the purchaser just happened to be the woman who was selling the beads claiming them as hers-there really wasn't too much "alledgedly" there, but in the interest of fairness, I will say alledgedly.I blogged about it on my old blog a few times. I was mad and outraged. Now, this woman was and still is using the name Ullja. She opened a shop on Artfire several months ago. (Etsy finally banned her from their site). A lot of us knew she was there, but since she was just quietly selling beads and seemed to be minding her own business, nobody said a word, even though a couple of us did contact admin. and let them know who she was and what had happened on etsy. I'm one of those kind of people that if a hurricane is coming, I would like a warning, so I thought I would give them a heads up. They are nice folks and deserve a warning. I still don't think they were ready for what happened next. I'm not sure anybody was. She is now banned from artfire as well as etsy. She just keeps creating these sock puppet accounts and returning.

On Artfire, her store/user name was Beads4u. She started a post about her bakery was all licensed and legit, etc., and how she was going to start baking again. She was also talking up her blogs, how popular they were and did people want to link to her. A lot of nice, innocent people did, so they sent her links. I was wondering whether to speak out in public or just contact these folks behing the scenes and explain what kind of "issues" they might be linking to. Well, I got about 6 pages into the thread and all of a sudden, her real identity was out in the open when someone asked her to explain her actions last year. Of course, she chose to go into personal attack mode rather than saying something like "I messed up, I'm sorry". So now, Ullja is a "group" of one (unless she has DID, which, not being a shrink, I cannot diagnose)claiming to be the Artsian Handmade Fraud Watch. I will give you a link to the site, but it won't be clickable. http://*handmadeartisanfraud* I don't want to add to her crazy gloating about how her stats are going up. Nothing on that blog is true. She pretends to know all the city and state regulations for baking, online selling and lampworking, filing taxes, etc.. This would have to be impossible since all regulations differ from state to state and county to county. Those regulations can also change on a yearly basis.

I left a comment on her "legit" blog, along with someone she is attacking. She didn't have enough gall to publish either one. I'm not surprise at all. She is also creating phoney accounts-and I'm not saying alledgedly here, because it's documented-to buy from people to try and get their paypal account numbers and other info that you get when you make an online purchase. Here she is screaming all about fraud in her fraud blog and she is also being a fraud by doing this crap. How sad and pathetic can you get? Now, in her latest fraud blog post, she states that there is a web site coming soon. ROFLMAO! That is just too comical. A person making fradulent charges against innocent people running a site about people who are supposedly selling fraudlently online. Gotta love that irony for sure.

One of the most outrageous things she has done has published people's real names and whereabouts on the web. This could actually put some people at high risk of serious harm and should not be allowed. That's sinking really low to do something like that. All I would be at risk for is my sister in law finding us and wanting to move in with us like she did 24 years ago-last time we saw her. LOL!

So, as usual when this person seems to be involved, I'm sure this is far from over, so I will keep you posted. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself by checking out the artfire crazy train riders. Oh yeah, one more thing, Ullja, I know your city. If you, or anyone in Woodway, Texas attempts to purchase from me, the sale will be cancelled and you will be reproted to the admin of the appropriate selling venue.

Since I am a firm beliver in free speech, if it's tru speech, I will publish any comment you leave on this blog-it can be as mean and full of venom as you like-it just has to be true. Catch-22 for ya, isnt it? LOL!!

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