Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get ready for a handmade Christmas

It's almost time to start Christmas shopping. You have a choice this year-you can shop for a handmade Christmas or you can hit the superstores and buy the same thing as 10,000 other people are buying.

Handmade gifts are special gifts. They are unique. You can get your daughter a darling scarf or doll and she will be the only one of her friends that has something like that. You can get your mom a beautiful piece of jewelry and know that if she wears it out somewhere, she won't run into anybody else with the same jewelry.

Another reason handmade is special is the person who creates it. This is a small business person, not a giant "careing only about the bottom line" corporation. It's me, it's your brother your neighbor. It's people who put pride in their workmanship, and care and love goes into what they make, too.

So this Christmas, instead of buying from a facelss company, buy handmade. Give a unique gift and support a small business.

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