Saturday, November 13, 2010

Banned and muted from Etsy

Today the email I have been expecting any day arrived. I am closed, banned and muted by Etsy. I am in an outstanding group of talented people who have had the same thing happen. The only reason they even noticed me was that yesterday, in the so-called "Coral Rebuttal" thread, a seller and I did not see eye to eye regarding the rebuttal. The thread was closed after my last reply and today came the email.

When I closed my shop this summer, I said in the announcemnt to just google me to find me. According to Etsy, that's in violation of their TOU's since I'm linking to another venue. HUH??? Google me andn you will find, probably in this order, my AF, this blog and then my neglected Zibbet studio.

After Etsy violated it's own TOU's in what turned out to be Coral Gate, I went in and directly said "you can find me on AF under the same name." So, according to today's email, that's why I am no longer welcome there. Awww!!! LOL! My first thought when I saw the email was "damn, it took you long enough". I will still read and follow the threads, though. Not many sellers frequent the forums and they need to be made aware of the changes Etsy is making that are going to negatively affect them. They are turning the place into a hip ebay-and ebay sure isn't about handmade. There has been a mass exodus of sellers there lately-well not really an exit. A lot of people are just expanding onto other venues. Getting the lifeboats ready for when the HSS Etsy goes down like the Titanic and since they have already hit the iceberg, they are slowly taking on water. I have a feeling the holiday shopping season over there is going to be disappointing to the sellers.


LLJones said...

Well now, worse and worse, huh? I've read a lot of complaints of unfair treatment - in particular, sellers being banned or censored without any recourse. I'm "on vacation" for good at Etsy (although I still shop)and I'm liking Artfire. Seems Etsy has become too sexy for its shirt or too corporate for its britches,doesn't it?

DancingWindDesigns said...

The closer etsy gets to going public, the worse they are treating their sellers. They are way too corporate for their britches. It will be their downfall, too.

Weaverbird said...

Congrats on being free of that toxic place! At least it didn't come as a surprise, eh?

Etsy is such a trainwreck. Every time you think they've done their worst they take it one step further. I wonder where it will end...

Muted but not silent Maureen said...

*slaps head*
Oy- you are well rid of that place. As you said it is a sinking ship. I peeked into the forum today after more than a week away, and it was sad and ugly.
I remember I was bombarded with cupcakes back in August when I made a post about them maybe not making a bunch of changes during the holiday shopping season, as they had the last 2 years?
Uh huh- as the ship goes down the cupcakes are getting soggier and soggier...So glad to be out! It is very hard work starting over again, but I will never make those same mistakes. Huge lessons learned.
Awesome posts!