Saturday, January 22, 2011

So, it's another year already

I can't believe how fast last year flew by and how quickly the first month of this year has gone. I don't make too many resolutions for the new year-they are too hard to keep. I did make a couple, though.

One of them  was not to blog about all the etsy fails. Little did I know when I made that resloution, how much material they would be giving me to blog about. LOL! The very horrible cards that even got attention from CNN, doing away with search in the middle of the holiday shopping season and now, screwing around with the forums and making it "team like". I'm not getting that one at all, but if you sell over there, you might want to go read. Most of the stuff is in the Ideas section-the place where topics go to die.  That's all I'm going to say about that place.

Another one is to have more patience and not let the smaller things in life bother me. Before I get annoyed, I am going to ask myself "is this going to matter in 3 years time"? If the answer is no, and most things that annoy me fall into that answer, I will let it go. If the answer is yes, I will try and not get so annoyed that my blood pressure goes through the roof.

I am also (this is for you, Erin, if you are reading this), going to do more beaded loomwork. I'm not sure how much my muse is going to like that. She leans more toward a freestyle kind of work and feels loomwork is too structured. I'm also going to do some bead embroidery. Embroidery was  my first crafting love, so why not combine it with my love of beading, too? I once wanted to own every color floss DMC made-came close too, but they kept on coming out with new colors.  Now I have seed beads in nearly every floss color. LOL! I did a practice piece and really do like doing it, so you will be seeing some of that one of these days.

My arm is doing much better. Another steroid shot in the shoulder, along with more PT exercises and it will be as close to being as good as new as a shoulder can be at my age.

I also plan on trying to blog at least once a week. It may be just rambling, but it's a small goal I have set for myself.

I hope everybody has a good year.

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