Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Gemstone of the Week is Amazonite

The gemstone this week is Amazonite. This gemstone is a member of the microline feldspar family of minerals and ranges in shades from bluish green to yellowish green, with the bluish being the most common. It has a hardness on the Moh scale of 6, so is suitable for most jewelry. It is widely available, but not well known, so supply can meet demand and makes it a reasonably priced gemstone. It is associated as a birthstone for December.

There are a couple of theories on how Amazonite got its' name. One is that it was named after the women warriors of the Amazon tribe. Another theory is that it is named after the Amazon River even though no Amazonite is found near there, it's possible it was named for the rainforest.

Amazonite often has white lines mixed in with it and can have an uneven color distribution. If they are treated, it is with an impregnated wax or oil treatment to bring out the color and add to the shine.

Amazonite is found in Brazil, Russia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Namibia, Canada, India and in the United States in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

It is believed that this stone will calm the emotions, and empower the wearer with courage. It is also credited with enhancing creativity and self-expression. It is associated with the throat chakra and is said to be effective at aligning the heart and solar plexus chakras.

This is a picture of an Amazonite Teardrop in a necklace of mine.

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