Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunstone is the Gemstone of the Week

The sparkling gemstone, Sunstone is the gemstone of the week. Sunstone is a member of the feldspar family. When veiwed from certain angles, it has a brilliant, spangled appearance. This optical effect can be from tiny scales of red hematite which are irregular in shape. This gives it a look similar to aventurine and it is sometimes called aventurine-feldspar. Some crystals contain pyrite which gives it an extra flash of sparkle. Darker stones contain copper. Sunstone is formed in molten lava and then thrown out to earth by a volcano. As the lava weathers, or breaks up, Sunstone crystals are released. It is a sodium calcium aluminum silicate.

Sunstone is a relatively hard stone with a hardness that varies from 6-7.2.. Also called, Heliote, which comes from the Greek word “helios” and “lithos” meaning stone, Sunstone is the state stone of Oregon.

Sunstone was not common until recently, when, in the 80's deposits were found in Orgeon. It has also been found in Norway, Siberia, India, Canada, Russia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Oregon Sunstone is the only variety that contains copper inclusions.

The Vikings considered Sunstone to be a talisman for navigation and this gem has been found in Viking burial mounds. Sunstone is believed to bring luck, instill optimism and boost the energy level. It is also believed to boost physical energy in times of stress or illness. It is said that Sunstone also inspires freedom and originality.

These pictures are some of the Sunstones I have. I love the peachy tones this stone has.

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