Sunday, January 3, 2010

AGLF Update

It's been quite a while since I have mentioned the fraud blog. Nothing much was new-she kept posting flasehoods on the blog-screaming tax evader about some incredibly talented artists. The only unknown would be who the next victim or victims unfailry accused and slandered.

A lot as changed. Several of the people named on the blog filed a lawsuit in the great state of Texas and now this false accuser shall have to answer to the courts to the formal charge of defamation. She was formally served with papers to that effect on Oct.26th,'09. She has posted about (I quit counting) 60 more people on the fraud blog since then. Can we say "no respect for legalities" boys and girls? She has denied things that are easily proven-like claiming some of the beads she sold on etsy were made by her. I wonder if she thinks that the people she bought stuff from just tossed their paypal records out with the trash? I still have mine should the AGLF attorney need more ammo against her. I would say it's a really safe bet that everybody who has had any dealings with her in the last two years has the documentation to prove it.

I wonder what she feels she has gained with all these venomous attacks on these wonderful creative people. In my opinion, all she has done is ruin her own name and reputation. The lampworking community has really come together over this issue aand friendships have been forged through this ordeal. I'm sure that was not the original intention when the fraud blog started. I feel sorry for her in a way-but she has no one to blame but herself for whatever happens in the court. I seriously doubt she is going to win this.

I will be featuring some of the talented artists mentioned on the fraud blog in the next few weeks, so check back here. There is a calender that was published to raise funds for the AGLF. A calendar full of beautiful lampwork beads. If there are still any for sale, I will post a link.

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