Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello again and Happy New Year

Real life kind of jumped up and demanded my attention with a family crisis in Dec. and online stuff had to take a back seat. Even though things still are not resolved and I have a case of bronchitis that wants to whip me, I am at least going to get the blog updates done. I guess real life has a way of grabbing all of us from time to time.

I appreciate the new followers and will try not to get so far off track again. Hopefully, life will settle down by the end of the month and the bronchitis will be gone by then. I'll be happy with one out of two.

I've been wanting to do some beading, but have been in a fog with the congestion from the bronchitis that I haven't messed with anything. I had started a bezel for a pendant, but ended up not liking the colors. I took it apart and haven't really done any beading since. I was going through my stone stash today and found an agate I want to work on, so maybe I can get the beads together for it tomorrow annd get it started. I do prefer natural light for picking beads for agates and stones. I don't care how "natural" a light bulb says it is colorwise, you just can't beat the sun for matching colors.

I've rambled enough for now. I'm off to checkout the Artfire Crazy Train Riders so I can get those posts scheduled and see who the featured shop is for the Af Guild-Shops with Less than 10 Sales wso I can write that post, too.

I hope the New Year brings you joy and happiness. (and don't forget to buy handmade. LOL)

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