Friday, March 26, 2010

Artfire Merchandizer is now live!!

The Artfire Merchandizer is now live in all pro Artfire studios. This handy, dandy little tool gives you the ability to re-arrange your shop by category or move the entire shop around. It's incredibly easy to use, too. You can skip pages, save and not publish or you can go live with your listing.
The re-arrange categories are done just like the studio only they have a drop down menu so you can select which category you want to work in.
I'm on the Artfire Maven team. We get to test things like this before it rolls out to the site. Several Mavens made suggestions or a wish list and the Artfire technical team did their best to add that stuff to this exciting new feature. All other online venues will wish they had this feature. It makes the rearrange at etsy look.... clunky to say the least.
With the Artfire tool, you have an offline screen to make your changes on and you can preview your changes before saving them. When you mouse over an item, it asks what page you want to move it to. There is a drag and drop feature when you are working on one page. The possibilites for this are endless. Want all one color on a page, no problem. Want to move an older listing up to the front-again no problem.
Congrats and thanks to the Artfire Tech and Marketing team for giving their sellers yet another reason to think this seliing venue rocks!!

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