Saturday, March 27, 2010

At the end of my rambling

I love looking at the organized pictures in these posts. I know they won't look like this for long. Then in 4 or 5 months, I won't be able to stand the dis-order anymore and will organize yet again. By then, I should have at least 100 more of the plastic baby food containers. I have found out that those containers will hold 1/4 pound of bugle beads. WoooHooo!!!
Sometimes I will pull beads together for a creation, then, once I start it, I won't like a color and will go search for another one. Then, once I find a new color, I won't like another color with it, so I will go get another color that will go with the new one and the rest of the colors. And so it goes-sometimes I end up with only one color remaining out of the original ones I had chosen. This process tends to leave the bead drawers in a confused mess. I try and be neat, but it doesn't always work.
My next beading goal, after I get 100 items listed in my Artfire studio, is to do some bead embroidery. I have tried it in a sample piece and I can do it. My mom taught me how to embroider when I was 7 and laid up recovering from an appendix that literally burst in the surgeon's hand. Back then, there weren't 100 channels on TV and I was tired of reading, so I learned embroidery. It's the first time I realized how much color there was in the world. My mom embroidered to relax and she had tons of DMC floss. I realized that there could be multiple shades of a color and my lifelong color addiction began.
Today is my birthday, so like many of my posts, this one is scheduled and hopefully, I am somewhere around the edge of a bass pond. It's supposed to be kind of windy Sat., so I'm not sure about the fishing. I wish we could go to the lake area that's in my banner picture, but I doubt if the home owners that are now there would appreciate us schlepping through their yards to get to the lake. Oh well, that's progress, I guess.
I've seen a lot of "progress" in the last few decades that I don't really consider to be progress at all-more of a paving over of nature. It makes me sad.
So, if you haven't seen this on Facebook or twitter yet, I am going to give you a cool present. It's a link to a live web cam of a barn owl who is in the process of having a family. three of her eggs have hatched, and she has owlets, and there are 2 more to hatch. If you have heard of Molly the Barn Owl, she's the one. If you check out that link, be sure to check out the ther animal cam links on that page.

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