Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If you sell online you might be interested in...

a HUGE announcement from Artfire. If 20,000 sellers sign up, the fee to have a Pro Studio will be 5.95 a month-locked in. That breaks down to .20 a day-as much as it costs to list one item  on Etsy where you have to constanly renew and relist to be seen. It's one of the many ways ArtFire plans to celebrate coming out of beta. If 20,00 sellers DO NOT get in on this, THIS DEAL IS NOT HAPPENING.

I'm going to tell you 10 things about Artfire that make me prefer AF over etsy-or would make me prefer it if my etsy shop was not on permanent vacation.

1. Items are automatically pushed to google shopping with its' 25-30 million monthly shoppers and to TheFind.com with its' 20-25 million monthly shoppers. So while people may say that etsy has more traffic, Artfire has more potential shoppers.
2.Artfire has rapidcart which is a remote widget (similar to etsy mini), so people can shop from it right off your blog or your FB kiosk.
3. Artfire has no account check out. People don't have to set up an account to purchase from you. They can just go through the checkout steps in whichever payment option you accept. ArtFire is set up to take google checkoout, amazon payments, and REM as well as paypal.
4.Artfire search is not done by what was just listed or renewed. It's based on the search query-like google or yahoo.
5. Pro Studios can customize their studios with categories, custom colors, widgets and more.
6. Help guides for all the things you need to know to sell on Artfire-including extensive guides to SEO.
7. A contact phone number for Pro sellers if you need to contact admin.. Real people in a real office setting answer your questions.
8. Artfire has coupons, batch editing and over 30 other seller tools to help you sell.
9.It doesn't matter to Artfire is you sell elsewhere and include links to the other places. They want you to be successful.
10.Artfire lets you have 10 pictures in your listings.

So what are you waiting for?? Hurry on over to Artfire and check out the details on this super group deal.


Caron Michelle said...

Something I'm thinking about Sue!

Danagonia said...

Great article. You've really made me think about taking the leap into ARtfire. One thing that concerns me are how the communities work. I'm very happy with my Etsy team, but will it be as easy to join a new team on Artfire??

subeeds said...

Instead of teams, ArtFire has Guilds-same thing, different name. The only requirement is that you are a Pro member which will be easy to do since the special offer is going to go into effect on Oct. 1. Then, just find what Guild you want to join, there are many. I am a member of the Beadweaver Guild,and the Georgia Guild. A couple of more I can think of off the top of my head is a wire work guild and one for Eurpoean sellers. Hope that helps and hope to see you around the forums on AF soon. Be sure to read the help guide sections in the forums. Selling on Af is totally different than selling on etsy.

Melissa Vess said...

Fantastic blog Sue!! Thank you for sharing your information with us.. It has been very helpful so far!