Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Desa Elliott of Gothic Glass Jewelry

Desa and her mom Marilyn, are the creative forces behind Gothic Glass Jewelry. Desa was also targeted on the lying fraud blog as being tax evaders. We have all seen how well the lying blogger checks her facts, so rest assured, Gothic Glass Jewelry is in no trouble with the tax people.

Desa and Marilyn are relatively new to the world of lampworking, having started a little over a year ago. You would never know it from seeing their work. It's beautiful. In their "about me" page, they talk about the struggle it was to learn lampwork. I love these statements Desa made.

"Repeat, and redo and critique and make improvements the next time. Try and try again.Besides, both my mother and I love to play with fire, so practice is no problem. No problem at all". Now those are some folks who really love learning their art. LOL!

You can find the wonderful art and jewelry that Gothic Glass Jewelry creates Just to show you that clicking that link will not disappoint you one bit, I'll show you one picture of some glass that I love they created.

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