Monday, January 4, 2010

Lydia Muell aka Ashton Jewels

Lydia is one of the wonderful, talented artists who has been falsely accused on the fraud blog-more than once. Our blagging friend seems to really have it in for her. In this crusade against this particular injustice, I have grown to admire Lydia. She's got a real "stick-to-it-tiveness" and makes some jaw dropping beautiful beads. She is also the proud new grandma to adorable twin grandsons. Being a proud new grandma in March, I can relate. LOL!

This bead that Lydia created and named Moonlight Waltz Drop reminds me of a Fabrege egg-elegant and beautiful beyond time.

In a brief online bio, Lydia says, "Today provides the same challenge as yesterday and tomorrow will provide the same challenge as today. . .Evolving my skill at the torch, searching my soul for the inspiration that always seems to be communicated with strong classical influence.

Timing, rhythm, and repetition are the elements that move me most in a piece of visual art, just as they move me when I listen to beautifully arranged symphonic piece. As cliche as this may sound, if I can SEE the music playing within one of my beads, I know I've achieved something soulful."

I don't know about you, but when I look at her art, and it is indeed art, I see the classical influence and I hear the symphony playing. It may not be the same piece she heard while creating it, but I hear the orchestra and it's a beautiful, joyful tune.

To see more of Lydia's art, be sure to visit her online gallery There you can also find other links to her work.

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