Saturday, January 16, 2010

JetAgeStudio, aka Renee Wiggins, is another lampworker

who was wrongly accused on the fraud blog. Again, I believe it was simply because the fraud blogger was jealous of Renee's talent and creativity.

All of the lampworkers I am blogging about I have "met" on LE-a lampworking forum. I joined last year for a couple of reasons. One, to show my support for them at their artwork being purchased and then passed off as being made by someone else and two, because I want to play with fire and melt glass one day. I really, really do. Even though I don't have the first piece of equipment right now, I have learned a lot from people like Lydia and Renee.

I asked Renee if I could blog about her work and maybe drive down in google the lies that were told about her and she agreed. I love hearing how people got started in their art and what isnpires them. Hearing Renee's story was no exception.

Soon after she started lampworking in 1993, she started looking for more ways to manipulate glass.

This lead to mosaics, stained glass and fusing, which she still loves to do. Four years ago, she bought a bench torch so she could work different elements into her fused work and with that torch, the lampwork bug bit her again. She got right back into making beads. Getting back to the torch opened her eyes to more ways to manipulate glass. She now focuses on making decorative elements such as murrini which she uses in her own work as well as supplying it to other lampworkers.

When I asked her where she finds inspiration, I found that she gets it like most artists do-nearly everywhere she looks in nature, the desert, (she lives in Tuscon), her garden and the many, she says too many, design magazines she subscribes too. She also getsinspiration from her husband who is a fine arts painter. She says that the way he layers colors is always inspiring. She likes having art discussions in the Arts Group they belong to because she likes to figure out how to incorporate their work into glass.

I love this bead called Miami. The colors, depth and the mulitude of things tolook at is just jaw dropping amazing.

You can find JetAgeStudio by clicking this link There is also an e-zine which features all things glass and many other incredibly talented glass artists.

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