Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elizabeth Wait-the person behing the AGLf calendar

Elizabeth Wait or betsymn as most people know her, is a talented artist in many different aspects. Starting with clay at the tender age of 5, to quilting, pen and ink, fine art painting, jewelry making stained glass and lampworking, she has explored the world of art. She was also falsley accused of being a "tax fraud" on that hideous blog.

Betsy not only gathered all the pictures from assorted lampworkers that are included in the AGLF Lampwork fundraising calendar, but did all the layout, the proofing and the mailing out of the calendars. It was a huge project, and it came out absolutely beautiful. You can see one here, on her blog. http://greyhavenart.blogspot.com/ .I love reading her blog-her animals sound as much fun to watch and as goofy as some I have had. LOL! Besides blogging about her animals, she also shows her work-which is fantastic.

You can see her work in her etsy shop-http://www.etsy.com/shop/betsymn and if you want to buy one of the calendars that is full of lampworked beauties by various artists, you can do so in her etsy shop.

I can't resist, I have to show you a couple of pictures-one the calendar cover-didn't she just do a super job on it? Another picture of one of my favorite beads from her shop.

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