Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jenny Friske-Baer aka Divine Spark Designs

Today's blog is about another talented lampworker who was falseley accused of being a "tax evading fraud" on the fraud blog. Jenny Friske-Baer lives in Oregon where there isn't a state sales tax. Just goes to prove once again that the fraud blogger just made stuff up and didn't check the facts. But then, we already knew that, didn't we? LOL!

Jenny calls her business Divine Spark Designs and it started when she couldn't find beads she like to make jewelry with. What better solution than to make them yourself. In the eternal (and believe me, it is eternal) search for that perfect color/textue/shape bead for that one project, you will do whatever it takes to get that bead, even to learning a new craft. From reading her website and her posts on LE (LampworkEtc.) it's easy to see that Jenny creates for the love and joy of creating. It shows in her beautiful work, too. As someone who creates because I love doing it, things like that are important to me in other artists.

Jenny has an etsy store, and a website I want you to see a couple of pieces she has done that I just love-the color,the humor I see in them and the cute factor they have is just great!!!! In the first picture, from her website, it's the blue chicken bead that I love. On her etsy header, it's the bird, again that got me.

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